The Renaissance of DTLA


The Renaissance of DTLA

It’s as if Los angels finally woke up from a twenty year coma. As if someone finally got the memo form New York that a vibrant downtown nightlife in a major metropolitan can exist.

It used to be that if you were in Downtown past dusk most likely it was because a meeting ran late and you had to hurry to the over priced parking lot, so you could sit in another parking lot whether it be the 405 or 101. Now in 2015 the Downtown Los Angeles scene has completely resurrected a new life for its inhabitants. With a combination of art and a culture of hard working people to surround you, it is no accident that Downtown LA has etched its place in popular destinations in California.

There’s a subtle hint of east coast flavor to our beautiful city, but Los Angels still maintains its own flavor. Bright lights illuminating the skyline. Art galleries hosting events until dawn. Artists and business people alike working intrepidly to cement their own legacy.

Slowly Los Angeles is shedding the stereotype of “Hollywood” and creating a new brand for itself. A brand that we can be proud of because it better represents the casual Angeleno.