Speaker Application


Thank you for your interest in participating as a speaker during Fashion Week.

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you better understand the overall format for the Panel Sessions.

What is the purpose of the Panel Sessions?

The overall purpose is to inform the FWLA audiences on topics that drive the business of fashion, as well as provoke action by industry leaders and consumers when changes are needed.

Will I be able to suggest topics for discussion?

Yes.  Suggestions are encouraged.  FWLA seeks to create an environment that fosters engaging and informative discussion surrounding the business eco-system of the local fashion industry and it’s impact on the global market.

How long is each Panel?

Panel discussions range from 5  – 15 minutes.


What is the focus of each topic?

Industry experts discuss their respective specialties. A moderator will help guide transitions and questions during the session.


How long will I be speaking?

A moderator will provide a few talking points and allocate 1 to 3 minutes for each participant to speak on each topic.


What is the format for each session?

A moderator will host each panel session to help keep discussions on topic and prompt panelists with questions and topics for discussion.  There will be a balance between instructional and round-table style.

How many people will be watching the panel sessions during the event?

There are generally 25 to 150 attendees to each panel, depending on the panelists and topics.  In addition, panel sessions are broadcast to potentially hundreds of thousands of online viewers globally.


Will I be on camera?

Yes, we will broadcast the shows live during the event. In addition, recordings may be broadcast on TV following the show.  You must sign an on-camera release.

Will I have an opportunity to be interviewed separately to promote my product/service?

Yes, panelists may scheduled an on-camera interview with the FWLA team.

How much time should I dedicate for the Panel Sessions?

Panelists should schedule at least 3 hours for: Preparation, make-up, rehearsals, interviews, the panel session and to sit as an influencer during a runway show before or after the panel.

Will I be able to attend a runway show during the event?

Yes, all panelists are encouraged to attend a runway show directly before or after their panel session.  We will facilitate special influencer seating during the show.  If you desire to attend additional shows, you must register separately.

What do I wear?

Come camera ready.  Upscale, business stylish.  Avoid wearing thin stripes, all white, all black or any combination thereof.


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