New Yorkers, Jealous of LA?


New Yorkers, Jealous of LA

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In an article published in the New York Times, the paper reported that Los Angeles is “widely acknowledged to have become strikingly more cosmopolitan in recent years.”

The Times reported that cultural New Yorkers are moving to LA.

FWLA research suggests that the relatively recent hotspot of culture in New York has been built in Brooklyn over the last decade, but the types that led that boom have been racing out west like the fashion, music, art and culture gold rush is happening in Los Feliz, DTLA and the Beaches.  Denver, Co is another hotspot destination for production and tech types.  It seems New Yorkers either want the smog, traffic, sun and beaches or usable snow.

NY has always seemed to have a competitiveness with LA, but FWLA has always believed that only transplants ponder the score.  Native Angelino’s generally think New York is an awesome city to visit.  The rest of the time, LA doesn’t event think about NY.

FWLA is the largest fashion week event in Southern California history. Every top Los Angeles based brand participates in Fashion Week Los Angeles. FWLA is supported by Mayor Eric Garcetti, Council member Jose Huziar and sponsored by Tesla Motors and Sony.