FWLA: Securing the Fashion Manufacturing Capital

LOS ANGELES—“Fashion Week Los Angeles (FWLA) is offering fashion designers discounts to produce and source locally and domestically,” states FWLA Executive Producer Gio Ferrigno. “By encouraging domestic production and purchases, we seek to keep fashion revenue circulating in the Los Angeles basin.”

Whereas apparel manufacturing has declined over 85 percent nationally since 1990, Los Angeles’ apparel manufacturing grew 7.7 percent from 2012-2013. Combined Los Angeles and Orange County is the Nation’s largest apparel manufacturing hub accounting for one-fourth of all US apparel production.

In 2013-2014 the U.S. exported $5.8 Billion of apparel and imported a staggering $80 Billion in apparel. China now accounts for 41 percent of all apparel production globally.

“America has a massive import-export deficit. With so much money leaving the country, there’s little left to employ our workers, leading to outsourcing. The problem is cyclical,” states Ferrigno.

Resulting from Los Angeles designers’ greater likelihood than average to produce locally, one-third of the 18 Billion in apparel revenue trickled down to local workers in 2014. This is in contradiction to the national trend.

Los Angeles’ twin shipping ports make it an ideal place to conduct businesses where importing and exporting is the norm.

Also, “the accessibility of skilled labor, transportation, warehousing and great weather helps reduce some of the unnecessary challenges facing those brands based in New York,” states Ferrigno.


About FWLA:

The non-profit Fashion Week Los Angeles is an invitation-only trade event for buyers and press that takes place during Los Angeles Fashion Week wherein influential bloggers, trend-setting retailers, and celebrities connect directly with leading fashion designers and apparel brands.




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