Oday Shakar

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Release: Spring Summer 2016
Premiere: October 12, 2015
Credit & Copyright: Jung S. Kim | LAPRIVY Magazine

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Oday Shakar

Oday Shakar is a Southern California native of Iraqi descent whose childhood sketches of women and horses unmistakably showed the early emergence of an exceptional creative talent. Oday sought solace and guidance from an aunt, who instinctively recognized his artistic inclination and chose to mentor him in draping, pattern making and sewing. This training proved valuable and indeed prophetic when Oday attended a runway show and realized in a moment of sheer clarity that he was destined to be a designer.

Oday dedicated himself toward this goal with purposeful diligence; he enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, landed assistant designer duties with a sportswear label, and eventually acquired the position of lead designer for a women’s wear line. In 2008, he launched his eponymous label. Private investors recognized the immense potential of the young designer and provided the necessary infrastructure to establish the Oday Shakar atelier and the means with which to truly create the kind of dresses that would bear the indelible purity of his aesthetic.

Each Oday Shakar collection may allude to a specific conceptual inspiration or seasonal in- fluence but it also remains resolutely defiant of the limitations of time and trends. Against the framework of meticulously custom crafted cocktail and evening dresses, Oday spins together a precise blend of confident allure in the graceful silhouettes, Old Hollywood glamour in the glittering hand embellished details, and unflinching sophistication in the modernity of the designs.

Oday is interested in further weaving the label into the real lives of women— to promote confidence, self-expression, charity, and celebration. He is honored to relaunch his brand at FWLA, Fashion Week Los Angeles with “Origins,” a capsule collection for SS2016 rep- resenting Shakar’s evolution and epitomizing the designer’s keen eye for simple, elegant lines.

SS2016 “Origin” Capsule Collection

Oday Shakar’s SS2016 “Origin” Capsule Collection is emblematic of the designer’s evolution. Since 2008, Shakar has been renowned for his eye for stunning lines and talent for reimagining classical silhouettes into his timeless gowns that have been worn by A-Listers such as Sandra Bullock and Sofia Vergara. Throughout his career he has drawn inspiration from his heritage; growing up in Southern California from an Iraqi family has given him a unique ideological and aesthetic perspective.

The palette for the collection— white, black, blues, and yellows— were selected to boldly distinguish the silhouettes of the collection as well as being graphic colors commonly used in the shapes of Islamic geometry. They also stem from duality— white being the omni- presence of light, and black being the complete absorption of light.

Fabrics ranging from silk chiffon to jersey encompass a multimedia range that subtly de- fies trendy confines, with exquisite pleating details to enhance form. The pieces in the collection were all designed in the spirit of celebrating overcoming one’s hardships and drawing beauty from the ugliest of experiences. In that sense, “Origin” is a rebirth as well as a return to form.