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Release: Spring Summer 2016
Premiere: October 12, 2015
Credit & Copyright: Jung S. Kim | LAPRIVY Magazine

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Gordana Gehlhausen is originally from the former Yugoslavia. She grew up in a small Serbian Village in Bosnia and knew growing up that there was so much more to life than raising corn and potatoes. She was always very creative and managed to dress completely different from everyone else. Gordana knitted her first sweater when she was just seven years old! However, to fully achieve her goal of designing required her to take drastic steps and she did so when she left home at the age of 18 and moved to the Croatian coast. From there she found her way farther west and ended up in Germany for her college education. Life took more unexpected turns as Gordana moved to the United States and settled in Atlanta, Georgia. It was there that she started to fine-tune her designing skills by creating a children’s line. From there she moved to Charleston, SC where she opened her first GOGA boutique. Gordana has been a boutique owner now for the past ten years and has recently moved to Southern California where she opened her newest shop in San Diego.

Gordana Gehlhausen was recently featured on the Emmy nominated hit series Project Runway Season 6, which premiered on Lifetime Television on August 2009. Since the show’s airing and an impressive fourth place finish, Gehlhausen has been featured in multiple media publications, television, web and radio, drawing a worldwide fan-base due to her likable personality and vision as a designer and stylist. Gordana has recently created a ready-to-wear line, GOGA to Go, which features fine silk knit jersey, leather detailing, and knitwear along with her GOGA Couture line. Gehlhausen is currently working on her wholesale line due to the amount of requests from boutiques throughout the United States.