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Release: Spring Summer 2016
Premiere: October 12, 2015
Credit & Copyright: Jung S. Kim | LAPRIVY Magazine
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Inspired by uniqueness infused with the ever classic suit, Clavon Leonard launched Clavon’s Wear to promote comfort and confidence in every man. Much of the motivation for his collections comes from his childhood, when he would admire his father’s impeccable dressing in starched suits and top hats. Quality like this is quite rare nowadays, making Clavon’s Wear a true diamond in the rough. Confidence, poise, and style are key elements that are carried throughout the Clavon brand. From casual dressing to a night out on the town, Clavon’s Wear caters to any and every occasion. Along with Clavon’s iconic ready-to-wear suits, custom tailoring is also offered to ensure every man is comfortable and proud of the way they dress. The attention to detail in Clavon’s designs is immaculate, this can be seen in aspects such as the contrasting colored stitching or a bold lapel. Each Clavon suit has a touch of edge and individuality, dismantling the popular assumption that men stick to the basic grey, black, and blue color schemes.