Fashion. Style. Unisex.

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Every season the fashion may change, but style stays true to each individual. We as a society have grown to accepting everyone for who they are, including unisex fashion. No matter man or woman, the fashion has crossed genders bringing a unique style onto the runways and streets. From statement piece jewelry, classic shoes and heels and the patterned pants and shirt. At Fashion Week you will get an eclectic mix of styles where you see each individual giving their unique take on their unisex statement. Although there is a huge difference between a man and woman, the fashion of men and women can lie on the same line of style and fashion. More often now than before men are starting to be more comfortable with wearing heels in public, including individuals who are in drag. What I have noticed is that fashion is now being taken to a no judgment zone. Men are more comfortable wearing jewelry and women are comfortable wearing their “boyfriends” clothes as an outfit. Fashion for the up and coming future seems to transition into clothing that anyone can wear and that no matter what sex a person is, the fashion of up and coming designers will allow everyone to wear unisex fashion.