An Outsiders Perspective on LA Fashion

Los Angeles has been labeled many things by those on the outside looking in. LALA land as it is sometimes called has been the reoccurring joke amongst us southerners. But there is one thing that has left every visitor inspired and that is LA’s fashion.

El Lay has a swagger that is unique to its own residents. The reason being that what she wears in Santa Monica, is different from what she wears Downtown, in WEHO, or in Beverly Hills. The variety of “scenes” that exists in this cosmopolitan has shaped LA into sort of a live fashion look book.

Take a stroll through any of these neighborhoods and there you have your front row seat to their latest collections. Each neighborhood being the designer and the residents are mere models on its runway. Anna Wintour herself couldn’t produce a better show than the streets of Los Angeles. The LA style is effortless, unforced, and natural. That’s what fashion is supposed to reflect, expressing who you are as an art and not who you want to be.

Those are the reasons why LA’s fashion is unique. It’s inspired by composition of the city. Which only a movie set in Universal Studios can replicate.

Besides, no one cares what you think about their style choice here, because they are confident that it was the perpetual choice, and they own that choice, which in turn convinces you that it’s the look you need to have.

There might be a shortage of water, or customary traffic gridlocks, but one thing LA gets right is Fashion. And that no one can taunt.