FWLA promotes the business of fashion in Los Angeles by creating a robust ecosystem that supports:

Press/Media & Consumer Sales by providing tools that assist in engaging audiences while content is most valuable.

Wholesale Relationships by efficiently connecting Brands with wholesale targets in an environment that communicates customer value to apparel buyers.



Grand Vision Through Focus

No conceptual presentation can be presented. Emphasis given in following order: ready-to-wear, manufactured in California, domestically produced, domestic sourcing, locally designed, cost of retail goods, no minimum wage workers.

70% focus on Press.

Brands should present entire collection to buyers and press in an efficient format.

30% focus on Retailers


Serve local needs by utilizing the city’s unique strengths to deliver the first “Quintessentially Los Angeles” event.

Encourage designers to manufacturer locally/domestically.

Advocate for sustainable practices.

Promote the reduction of lowest paying wages, while maintaining affordable apparel.